Please don't take this the wrong way, but it really hurts my nerves that you drew every single white princess with the Tardis before you even drew one with a brown skin tone. That random characters who aren't even princesses (ie paperman girl, jack skellington, mary poppins) got drawn before Jasmine, Pocahontas, Kida, or Tiana. I LOVE your art, like really truly love it, but it's hard to love it when there's such blatant slanting to white characters and princesses.



How on earth would I not “take this the wrong way”?!
1. Mulan was in the first 4-5 Disney/Who designs that I did, and Jasmine was finished last month.

2. Tiana is one of my favorite characters, but I have struggled to find the right design for her, as she is so focused on her dreams (which is what I love about her, and why I identify with her so strongly), I am not sure she would want to run off with the Doctor to have an adventure. But, I have finally come up with a concept for her, which I posted here:

3. I don’t take into account the character’s skin tone (or if they are a “princess”) when I design these. I am thinking about their personality, their story, and how to merge it best with the prospect of an adventure with a crazy man in a blue box. So, and I rarely say anything like this, but fuck you. “Blatant slanting to white characters and princesses”?! Seriously, fuck you. Please stop following me and my art, I don’t need “fans” like you. This is one of the worst messages I have ever gotten, and I have gotten some real winners.

Another example of people just looking for reasons to be “outraged”.