Seriously though: please do add the crotching tiger design. I've been wanting to back this ever since I heard about it, but none of the designs are really my style. Other people were backing, so I figured that if I were going to look down every month and go "ehhhh...." then... so yeah, I'd like to buy those. Actually clicked on the store link because it didn't register that they weren't for sale yet. :P No offense btw, I know TONS of people love your design, it's just personal taste.


Yeah sorry, “Crotching Tiger” won’t be available til at least January! And thanks for the compliment! 

Hey! First off, I totally dig the Period Panties and your art style - I am the happy owner of Shark Week and Rainbo from the Kickstarter! I was wondering if you'd consider designing more lady characters? It feels a bit weird wearing dude creatures on my butt. It wouldn't need to be a whole change, either! - I think Capt Redbeard and Bloody Hell have great potential for being redrawn as women if you do a reprint! Thanks for your time and your art!


Thanks! Yeah, I agree with you 100%! Plus I get super bored with my art, so if there’s any chance I can redesign a character, I’ll take it! Captain RedBeard would be a tough one, because women don’t necessarily have beards, but maybe I could just change the name then? Like to “Sailing the Red Sea”?